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“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.” Art Blakely

The highly-anticipated Sarah’s Jazz Club opens on April 28th, 2017, with the opening performance sold out weeks in advance. The Nicosia venue aims to energise and inspire the island’s quality music scene.

“It’s the high point of my career as a jazz singer and a dream come true, special thanks go to Nicosia Municipality for supporting the project! We have so many fantastic musicians in Cyprus that I felt we needed a dedicated place where fans know they can always find good live jazz and blues,” says co-founder and jazz singer Sarah Fenwick.

Opening weekend is Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of April, with performances by soulful saxophonist Iacovos Parpas, brilliant guitarist Marinos Neofytou, saxophonist/pianist/flautist Ziggy Irzenski, guitarist Ramzi Mihail, and Sarah Fenwick.

Many more exciting performances are coming up, such as the Ioannou-Vafeas Quartet in May, with the stellar saxophonist Charis Ioannou and great jazz drummer Ioannis Vafeas.

Located on the historic road of Xanthis Xenierou, Sarah’s Jazz Club has a relaxing atmosphere ideal for renewing the spirit through the magic of live music. Guests can enjoy the melodic strains of live, acoustic jazz and blues with good wines and finger foods like pizza and finger food platters. Located within the Venetian Walls just off OXI roundabout, Sarah’s Jazz Club is a diverse addition to the lively multi-cultural life in the old city.

“We worked long and hard to open the jazz club, and had help from so many caring people to make this dream come true. As the capital, Nicosia needs a centre for the arts of jazz and blues, and we’re finally ready! We look forward to welcoming everyone to enjoy this amazing music,” says Sarah Fenwick.

About Sarah’s Jazz Club

SJC is the brainchild of Jazz Arts & Communications founder and jazz singer Sarah Fenwick. It is a cultural centre dedicated to the arts of jazz and blues. Its main aims are to support and showcase local musicians and build cultural bridges. There are performances by local and international musicians every Friday and Saturday night. In addition, the audience can enjoy art exhibitions by excellent artists from Cyprus and abroad.

Bookings and performance information is on or via the Facebook page:

Contact details:

Xanthis Xenierou 35,

Nicosia 1015.

Tel: +357 95147711

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