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How do I reserve?

Reservations can be made via our booking calendar on the right side of your screen (desktop) or scroll down the page (mobile device).

You can also SMS/text us your reservation to +35795147711.  It is advisable to book in advance so we can reserve a table for your comfort and more enjoyable listening.

To email us your reservation, please contact

Walk-ins are welcome, please note that seating depends on availability as advance bookings have priority.

Sarah’s Jazz Club is open every Friday and Saturday night with the beautiful sounds of live jazz and blues. Other special events are announced on our Facebook page and Events Calendar.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the home of Jazz in Cyprus.

4 thoughts on “Reservations

  1. Coming on 18.12.2017 to hear the NRW Youth Orchestra – we will be four people. I can’t wait as my nephew from Cologne is in the orchestra and I haven’t seen him for 5 years – find me a good table please

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