juta jazz exhibition

JUTA JAZZ was born in Lithuania and is currently based in Cyprus. She studied ballet at the M.K.Čiurlionis School of Arts in Lithuania; her studies were also enriched also with music, acting and the arts. Once in Cyprus she studied graphic design and is currently working in this field. All that knowledge gave Juta the opportunity to express herself in the form she represents today – Mobile Art, which she discovered in 2012.

The main theme she focuses on is the human body and movement, so through this connection we take a peak inside her world, her state of mind and soul. She creates her visions with photo mixtures and lot of apps.

Juta has exhibited worldwide from locally, Europe to the USA and South America. She has also won various International awards.

The name of her exhibition is: ‘Passing Through The Time’.

The exhibition can be viewed during the live jazz concerts between June 9 – 17, or Mondays-Saturdays 11am – 6pm.

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