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The Charis Ioannou Quartet hosts the fun Jazz Party and Jam Session at Sarah’s Jazz Club on September 20th.

Every other Wednesday, the Charis Ioannou Quartet hosts the fun Jazz Party and Jam session at Sarah’s Jazz Club. The party starts from 9:30pm ’til late. Tickets are at the special price of Euros 5 per person, and free for musicians who plan to jam. Bookings are made by SMS/Call to 95147711.

The event starts with a performance by stellar saxophonist Charis Ioannou and his Quartet. Bandleader and international saxophonist Charis Ioannou chairs the whole night. Ioannou impresses audiences at home and abroad with his inspired, high-energy virtuoso performances. He is joined by great bass player Irenaeos Koullouras, inspired drummer Stelios Xydias and piano prodigy Dimitris Miaris.

The band’s performance is followed by an informal jam session. Jam sessions are an important part of the jazz community.  Musicians are invited on stage and given the opportunity to play live with each other. It’s a chance for student jazz musicians to get experience, and for professionals to get inspiration and exposure. The jam session is also open to vocalists. 

You never know who will appear to play during a jam session. The fascinating improvisation and positive energy on stage is what makes jazz jam sessions such a lively tradition. But one thing is for sure, whether it’s a big name or a musician who’s just starting out, the audience always loves the results. 

About Sarah’s Jazz Club

Sarah’s Jazz Club is dedicated to the exciting and quality arts of jazz and blues. Its main aims are to support and showcase Cypriot musicians and build cultural bridges with musicians abroad. The cultural and live music entertainment centre opened in April 2017 in the capital Nicosia. It is located in a multi-cultural neighborhood just off OXI roundabout in the city centre.

Music lovers can enjoy live jazz and blues every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  Running parallel to the live concerts are inspiring art exhibitions in the venue’s gallery.

SJC is the brainchild of Jazz Arts & Communications. It was founded by jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and Director Savvas Hadjigeorgiou.

Opening hours:  

Wednesdays to Saturdays 11am – 6pm for Art Exhibitions.

Wednesdays to Saturdays. 8:30pm-1am for live Jazz and Blues.

Bookings and performance information is on or via the Facebook page:

Contact details:

Xanthis Xenierou 35,

Nicosia 1015.

Tel: +357 95147711


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